The department is in charge of sales consulting and customer care based on available data, as well as maintaining ties with existing clients.


The department oversees traffic development, website rankings in accordance with goals, and consumer communication messaging across all mediums.


Join Kiki Software and let's work together to produce a remarkable breakthrough.

The department manages social media advertising activities and organizes digital marketing in the direction of brand communication.


The department is in charge of instructing customers on how to use the program and providing technical assistance.


The department aggressively searches and expands its customer base, consults with customers, and provides customer service.


Why choose us?

Dynamic environment

  • Startup culture for young people, encouraging diversity and innovation.
  • Work in a modern setting with full facilities and a strong learning culture.

Promotion opportunities

  • A defined advancement roadmap that ensures a fair and equal environment for all members.
  • Facilitating, providing challenges and opportunities for advancement to a better work level position

Attractive benefits

  • Lunch allowance is paid monthly.
  • Annual team development events, as well as annual trips.
  • Overtime benefits in accordance with labor legislation

Competitive salary

  • Salary for the 13th month, monthly bonus, and year-end bonus
  • Bonus based on work performance that exceeds the monthly KPI.

Training and developing

  • Formal training to develop professional skills and workplace thinking
  • Prepared to train new employees with no prior experience

Flexible time

  • Leave: 12 days each year.
  • Regulations govern holidays and New Year's Eve celebrations.
  • Each department's working hours are flexible.
You should be proud of your decision to work at Kiki Software:
  • Working with well-known marketing clients and partners
  • Working with colleagues and co-workers who are kind, likable, and professional.
A job you are proud of
An environment for development
  • Professionalism, efficiency, a quality culture, and a focus on the customer
  • Friendly, mutual assistance.
  • Promote the acquisition of knowledge and technology.
You arrive, you grow, you perfect, and you realize your full potential. Kiki Software will develop the following environment for you:

An interesting life
Enjoy your life outside of work by participating in the following activities:
  • Participate in Union-organized events throughout the working year.
  • Cultural, artistic, and teambuilding activities with the company on a regular basis.
  • Exchange and share with amusing and nice coworkers..

At KIKI SOFTWARE, we strive to provide a dynamic environment in which each individual may discover their passion and lay a solid foundation for a career in the field of technology software solutions.

We are always willing to: appreciate differences; be proactive and enthusiastic; share and break through. We are always learning, renewing our thinking, and learning from our mistakes.

KIKI SOFTWARE is a family that is moving forward and embracing greatness together.

About KikiSoftware - er

KIKI SOFTWARE is a company that creates and distributes tools and solutions for Marketers and MMO community in order to increase job productivity, optimize, and automate manual procedures. KIKI SOFTWARE's strength is in capturing customer psychology as well as the needs of the Marketers and MMO community in particular, as well as the media in general. We create professional technological solutions to help your business and team grow on your preferred platform.
CEO & Co-founder of Kiki Software
Ngo Van Thinh