Content SEO Marketing Executive


Location: Hanoi

Salary: $300 - $500

Department: Content

I. Responsibilities

  • - Responsible for content marketing actions and ideas to enhance interaction, traffic, and potential buyers on the company website system.
  • - Managing and in charge of website content such as product articles, news, and SEO standard content articles.
  • - Manage fanpage content and fanpage image.
  • - Accountable for the amount and quality of articles assigned by the Leader.
  • - Write articles introducing PR items and articles promoting the Company's brand.
  • - Look for Booking to post articles and advertising banners.
  • - Create more content as directed by the leader.
  • - Create typical SEO content for marketing initiatives.
  • - Comply with the website's monthly content strategy.
  • - Write and post articles on the company's social system and blog.
  • - Maintain current knowledge in order to develop marketing capabilities and create strategies to attract traffic to the project website.

II. Roles

  • - Business goal: Ensure that the lead quantity and lead quality are generated through the communication channels of the team in charge and the Marketing team.
  • - Communication goals: Ensure that communication messages about the business and products reach customers in a timely and thorough manner through all channels: blog, landing page, ebook, profile...
  • - Development objectives: Ensure the growth of traffic and website rankings in accordance with the objectives.

IV. Benefits & Perks

  • 1. Salary & Allowances
  • - Basic salary: 8,000,000 - 12,000,000 VND (depending on ability) + bonus allowance
  • - Salary can be negotiated immediately during the interview.
  • - Fully enjoy social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, union, annual leave
  •  - Review salary twice a year, 13 fixed months salary, performance bonus and gift on special occasion.
  •  - Participate in company activities such as travel, periodic vacations, cultural and sporting events, teambuilding, holidays/anniversaries/company birthdays, and so on.
  •  - Sign an official work contract and receive benefits in compliance with labor laws and trade unions, as well as fair remuneration policies based on capacity and experience.
  • 2. Working Environment::
  • - Modern office, professional working environment, friendly, dynamic, and creative staff.
  • - A clear roadmap orientation, prospects for progression to Leader positions, team leader, department head, and so on are all available.
  • 3. Training:
  • - Trained from the start by a team of leaders/mentors with over ten years of expertise in the field of consulting software for online business management, B2B. Have the opportunity to broaden your marketing and internet business knowledge.
  •  - Participate in internal and external company training courses.

🕔Working time: 8:45 - 18:00 (Lunch Break: 90 minutes), from Monday to Sartuday morning
🏢 Address: Hoang Thinh Phat building, 106 Hoang Quoc Viet Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi
📧 Email: [email protected]
🖱 Website:                               
💻 Fanpage: 
☎️ Hotline: 0888.398.999 ( Mr. Thinh )

III. Qualifications

  • - Knowledge and skills in writing SEO content, copywriting strategies, and basic SEO articles. Experience with site content SEO ranging from 6 months or above.
  • - Previous Agency experience is preferred.
  • - Quick thinking, searching, and learning abilities.
  • - Have a long-term perspective and a strong sense of duty.
  • - Well written, brief, clear, understandable, and with good spelling.
  • - Expertise with Google Sheets and Google Docs.
  • - Be focused on measuring and optimizing work efficiency.
  • - Excellent reading comprehension in English.
  • - Understanding and enthusiasm for technology and marketing solutions.
  • - Candidates with degrees in journalism, editing, marketing, communication, linguistics,... or other similar fields are given preference.
  • - Worked as a team leader and had experience managing interns and colleagues.


At KIKI SOFTWARE, we strive to provide a dynamic environment in which each individual may discover their passion and lay a solid foundation for a career in the field of technology software solutions.

We are always willing to: appreciate differences; be proactive and enthusiastic; share and break through. We are always learning, renewing our thinking, and learning from our mistakes.

KIKI SOFTWARE is a family that is moving forward and embracing greatness together.

About KikiSoftware - er

KIKI SOFTWARE is a company that creates and distributes tools and solutions for Marketers and MMO community in order to increase job productivity, optimize, and automate manual procedures. KIKI SOFTWARE's strength is in capturing customer psychology as well as the needs of the Marketers and MMO community in particular, as well as the media in general. We create professional technological solutions to help your business and team grow on your preferred platform.
CEO & Co-founder of Kiki Software
Ngo Van Thinh